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Talk to Euro Machinery about the EM LabEx at the exhibition PRS Europe.

Meet EM Labex

Meet EM LabEx around the world at exhibitions.
We participate in fairs world-wide to present our Blown film lab extruder EM LabEx. The EM LabEx extruder is a test extruder build to last, and it is able to test a lot of material and polymers for producing blown film. It is an ideal test equipment to use before placing new formulas in the large scale production.
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Braskem bio-polymers tested on EM LabEx - Mini Extruder for sale.

BioPlastics on EM Labex

Braskem's Bioplastic made of sugar canes has been tested on the EM LabEx. Nowadays plastic film productions need to test alternative PE formulas, which are substitutes to petroleum made PE.
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e-Inspect our EM Labex mini extruder.

e-Inspect A LabEx

Would you like to see the EM LabEx live? Call or write us today and we will set up a video meeting that fits your schedule - no need to travel to see the qualitites. Test it with your own material.
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Lab Extruder for sale by Euro Machinery.

Buy A Test Mini Extruder

Euro Machinery has build a Mini extruder for production or test. The machine is build with passion and thoughtfulness with our customers requirements in mind. The result is a quality test labex-
truder that can test a variety of materials. Read more

Em Labex Winder

Test Polymers on the EM LabEx

Various kinds of material and bio-material can be tested on the EM LabEx. Read more about the material that can be tested here. The EM LabEx is able to test all kinds of material before placing it
into a bigger and more expensive production.
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