Plastic in a sustainable world

Plastic’s popularity has been on a steady rise over the last decades. Thanks to its low cost and its versatility, it is used in every industry today. You can find plastic in almost all of our common household items; be it the container for our food and beverage, diapers, furniture, computers, and cars, just to name a few. Its resistance to moisture and bacteria makes it ideal for packaging. While its flexible nature makes it easily tailored to any purpose.  
However, this increase in plastic can also cause numerous problems for our environment. Much of this plastic is not recycled in the proper way and thus results in pollution. As a result of the duality between plastics‘ popularity and the demand for sustainability. Plastic companies have an increased need for testing their polymer formulas and materials. 

The team behind the EM LabEx also saw it as a critical issue to combat. Therefore, we created the small test laboratory extruder with a vision in mind. To be a sustainable, easy to use, and reliable machine that can test biodegradable- and recycled extracts.

Thanks to our collaboration with Schneider Electric, who delivers our electrical components. We have achieved our goal, creating a machine that can function and operate for many hours without interruptions. A machine that is easy to install and to use.  
Schneider Electric was announced as the number one sustainable business on a global scale by Corporate Knights. This made them an easy choice for us as our number one supplier for the EM LabEx.

How is this beneficiary for your production?

Producing plastic on our EM LabEx is fast and easy. You can quickly analyze the characteristics of the material and see if it matches the quality for your production. This helps save on material, to test on our lab extruder, you only need 20-40 kgs of material. Thanks to Schneider Electrics components, it is low in energy consumption, and high in reliability. The smart touch screen makes it easy to set up for your specific production needs.  
Another unique factor is our ability to help you remotely. The ‚Secure Connect‘ systems makes us able to help you at any time at any day. Everything from trouble shooting and production requirements to updates and service.  
Sustainability is becoming a crucial factor for business across the world. When building a product’s value chain, because it benefits both the environment and the business. 


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Hoppers on the EM LabEx lab extruder.Bio-polyethylene - test it on a lab extruder