Lab Extruder - Monolayer small blown film extruder

The EM LabEx Monolayer lab extruder

This monolayer extruder machine features a compact design for testing and production of plastic films before large scale production, and this machine will save you time and money ensuring quality film.

If you need to test new polymer formula on a test extruder, the mono layer extruder from EM LabEx is an excellent choice. This lab extruder is designed to be able to test a variety of different material as e.g. bio-pe to see the properties of the film.

  • Compact Design
  • Plug and play installation
  • Operator friendly touch screen
  • Easy programmable
  • Quick and safe operation
  • On wheels for easy transport
  • Easy cleaning for fast change
  • Low energy consumption
  • Competitive price

Research and development test of new polymers, Bio-based plastic materials, recycled granules, processing small batches, producing samples for customers and in general to optimize the extrusion production.

The EM LabEx Monolayer  extruder consists of:

Screen: Touch screen 12″.
Frame: Robust steel frame with 4 wheels and adjustable legs.
Protection shields: Stainless steel protection around hot parts.
Hopper: Stainless steel, easy empty system.
Barrel/die head Adaptor: 3 heating zones
Temperature control: 4 cooling fans
Barrel: 1 screw of high quality steel. Easy access for cleaning/replacement.
Drive units: 1 Screw motors.
Take-off unit: 300 mm
Film inspection panel: Light panel

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A Lab Extruder for testing Monolayer film

Do you need to test the outcome of a polymer change? Would you like to avoid using the large scale production for this? Then this machine is the answer. With the EM LabEx test extruder in your production site, you can quick and easy test new polymers.

The EM LabEx 25-1 model is ideal for new material formula development, film blowing property test, master batch colour dispersion test, optimization of blown film extrusion process parameters, or simply for production of 3-layer tubular blown film.

The lab extruder can process biodegradable and compostable bioplastics, recycled material, PE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, masterbatch, plastic additives, as well as functional masterbatch. The EM LabEx is a useful equipment to analyse the film blowing properties of a given material.

Ideal for film manufactures, plastic recycling companies, universities, technical schools, extruders operator training and chemical companies, between others.

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Main Features
The EM LabEx Monolayer

Compact design

Compact design

Robust and compact design

The EM LabEx is build to last and function well in a production environment.

Plug and play installation

Plug and play installation

Power up the machine and test

The EM LabEx is very easy to install in your environment.

Operator friendly touch screen

Operator friendly touch screen

User friendly touch screen

The touch screen is one of the best from Schneider Electric.

Easy programmable

Easy programmable

Intuitive programming

It is very easy to set up and program the machine for testing your materials.

Quick and safe operation

Quick and safe operation

Safe and secure to operate

Stainless steel protection shields are mounted around hot parts of the extruder.

On wheels for easy transport

On wheels for easy transport

Very easy to move around

The EM LabEx is practically designed with wheels underneath.

Easy cleaning for fast change

Easy cleaning for fast change

Need to test a new formula?

No problem! The machine is designed so it is very easy to clean, also regarding the die head and screw.

Low energy consumption

Low energy consumption

Low power consuming electrical components

The EM LabEx, both saves you for waste of raw material, and it also has a very low energy consumption.

Competitive price

Competitive price

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Em LabEx is able to keep a competitive price, and still construct a quality machine, build to last.

About the EM LabEx Monolayer

The Em LabEx extruder is designed to be easy to use in order to start testing materials as quickly as possible. The programming is intuitive.

We develop reliable machines constructed from high quality mechanical parts and equipped with electrical components, PLC, and operator terminal from Schneider Electric or Siemens. The software has been adjusted to meet customer requirements from our customers for an easy and intuitive operation of the machine.

Monolayer lab extruder

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