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EM LabEx is a company that builds lab extruders, and this lab extruder of the same name can test a variety of plastic polymers, which is needed to be able to test and choose the right material for the future bio-green packaging.

Furthermore, the design of the EM LabEx lab extruder is compact and robust, and easy to move around. When you test material on a small test extruder, you save time and money. Hence, you can test with a few kg of materials, compared to the full-size extrusion plant where you would need around 500 kg of material.

Two models: Mono-layer and 3-Layer

The EM LabEx Blown film lab extruder comes in two models, a mono-layer and a 3-layer blown film extruder, and for each model quality components are chosen and developed carefully. Moreover, the machine is build to be able to test various materials as biodegradable and compostable bioplastics, recycled material, PE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, masterbatch, plastic additives, as well as functional masterbatch. Therefore, the EM lab extruder is ideal for testing materials, to identify the blown film characteristics of a given material. Moreover, the machine can of course be used as part of the production to produce small webs.

Standard features are:

  1. Compact design
  2. Fast installation – easy to program
  3. Operator friendly touch screen
  4. Quick and safe operation
  5. Moveable – on wheels
  6. Easy to change material, easy to clean
  7. Low sound level, low energy consumption
  8. Competitive price! – Contact us for information.
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We build test and mini extruders with focus on quality, user-friendliness and capability of testing many different kinds of polymers. Many biodegradable polymers needs to be tested and analyzed before they are placed in the main production. This machine makes the transition to other materials easy and smooth

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E-inspect with EM LabExWinder roll-up on the EM LabEx lab extruder quality air shafts