Test polymers on a small Lab Extruder

Use a Lab extruder to test

The EM LabEx lab extruder can help different kinds of companies to choose the right polymer. Furthermore, many blown film producers and recyclers want to introduce a more environmental friendly product, by for instance introducing bio-based polymers to their production. However, to test a new polymer on the large scale extruder can be rather expensive. As such, the EM LabEx test extruder exists. On a small scale extruder, producers can test polymers and see the properties of the film. Also for recyclers it is an important aspect to test the different structures and formulation of polymers. This way, recyclers are able to offer quality polymers to their customers. Moreover, this lab extruder can of course also just be used to produced small webs of film. 

Save cost – get a new EM LabEx lab extruder

In general, the process of research and development can be heavily time consuming for blown film producers or recyclers, who want to introduce or extrude new polymers. Furthermore, it takes a great amount of material to test on the production facility. Therefore, the EM LabEx can be very useful – with just a few kg’s of polymers and much less power consumption, tests can begin on the EM LabEx. “Green” and better packaging can be invented.

Standard features are:

  1. Compact design
  2. Fast installation – easy to program
  3. Operator friendly touch screen
  4. Quick and safe operation
  5. Moveable – on wheels
  6. Easy to change material, easy to clean
  7. Low sound level, low energy consumption
  8. Competitive price! – Contact us for information.

The EM LabEx can produce films as fine gauge film, general packaging film, shrink film, HDPE, LLDPE, LLDP, Recycled PE films. Furthermore, it can produce many types of biodegradable, compostable bioplastics film, and some types of polyamide film

‍The industrial trend towards Bioplastic

The early bird wins the worm. As such, recycled plastic and bioplastic is the way forward if manufacturers of film wants to live up to environmental issues and government regulations, and gain a competitive advantage. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to test the film and polymer properties, to decide which polymer combination to use.  

As described above it can be a huge advantage to have the EM LabEx in your production facility. For more technical information regarding EM LabEx please contact us. You can also read more about the EM LabEx and see the presentation video here.[/vc_column_text]

We build test and mini extruders with focus on quality, user-friendliness and capability of testing many different kinds of polymers. Many biodegradable polymers needs to be tested and analyzed before they are placed in the main production. This machine makes the transition to other materials easy and smooth.

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EM LabEx 3 Layer - lab extruderHoppers on the EM LabEx lab extruder.